Who are we?

Ailean Online is a small IT sales and support business based in Canberra's Inner North area. Offering IT and Network support, Laptop and Computer Repairs Canberra Wide.

as a service, we also sell a range of computers and software, networking and Internet related hardware.

18 Bragg Street
02 61018362 (VM)

MB: 0407847380

Please use the CONTACT form
(stops spam) for help/book a job/enquiries etc.

We do NOT offer "Contracts" as we feel they are more about the money than the service... After 42 years in the Industry, have seen way too much of the "Dark Side".

Data Recovery is expensive, mainly as a result of the requirements for "Clean Rooms" et al when it is beyond a software solution.

However, in the majority (95%) of cases, software can make a difference.

I use several tools, but appreciate, some people will want to do it themselves.

To this end, I am providing a link to a site of comprehensive tools I have used (especially the email ones...) that will allow the purchaser (with some time spent learning the basics) to address many easy to medium issues.

The new page will be here (once I finish it...) In the interim, please email me for the link iknfo


I am also supporting more and more Apple clients. (since 1994...)

No, I am NOT a "Dealer" - go see an Apple Centre for Hardware - they have an unequaled display of kit to play with - way beyond the resources of small business.

So, if you need help with repair, installation, setup or design of your systems, we would be happy to assist.
(No, I don't fix iPads and iPhones - but I can show you how to use your iPad to control your PC..)

For those who like "Mac's" but need Windows (of any version - at least from XP on), there is a superb product called "Parallels, which is basically a desktop VM allowing Windows (XP/Vista/7/8), to function in a "Virtual machine" - or Window - side by side with the Apple Desktop.

Vast improvement over "BootCamp" - and is available as a simple download from the Parallel's site.

The eternal issue of backup just goes on and on... Keep seeing crashed "backup drives" (cheap branded hard drives in a USB box).
Old saying "pay peanuts, get monkeys"

If your business data (or irreplaceable photo's) are important, then ask us about NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes, that contain from 2 to n drives, network or USB connected, that have a far higher reliability factor. They also make great media storgae and playback boxes... store all your Movies, Music, Photo's et al online for playback to anything in range of your network? 12 or more TERABYTES are common!