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Ailean Online is a small IT sales and support business based in Canberra's Inner North area. Offering IT and Network support, Laptop and Computer Repairs Canberra Wide.

We also sell a range of computers and software, networking and Internet related hardware.

18 Bragg Street
02 61018362

MB: 0407847380

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We do NOT offer "Contracts" as we feel they are more about the money than the service... After 42 years in the Industry, have seen way too much of the "Dark Side".

New PC Design for Gamers.

BenQ have (finally) released a Monitor that is both 27" and IPS;AND is compatible with the NVidia Vision2 3D active glasses system. (Refresh of 120Hz @ 1920 x 1080 'Native Res')

If you are at all interested in 3D support on the PC, this system is head and shoulders above any passive system. (AKA "coloured lenses").

I have tested the system with a few games that are listed as "good" or better on the compatibility list - and the results are truly impressive. Movies work well too; especially if you have a blu ray drive in the PC - or link it to a large screen Television.

For now, if you are interested use the CONTACT form - various models will be going up inthe online shop in a week or two...

Of course, they will have the full FutureMark benchmark performed on them prior to shipping.


I have recently acquired, thanks in large part to the sensitivity of the President of Futuremark, a complete set of FutureMark benchmark tools for both Video centric (AKA Gaming) test and more general performance testing.


IT Support, Computer Services and Computer Repairs Canberra wide

Ailean provides quality and affordable computer and IT support solutions for small to medium businesses across Canberra. Our computer services include:

Laptop and Computer Services Canberra locals rely on


We can now offer REPAIRS to failed Laptops Canberra Wide; not just hard drive or RAM replacement etc, at realistic prices.

Contact Ailean today on (02) 6101 8362 to speak with one of our professional computer consultants on how we can provide you with the best IT support Canberra can offer.