Who are we?

Ailean Online is a small IT sales and support business based in Murrumbateman, NSW, 20 mins out of Canberra, Offering IT and Network support, Laptop and Computer Repairs in the Canberra Region.

As a service, we also sell a range of computers and software, networking and Internet related hardware.

1 Grevillea Close
NSW 2582

MB: 0407847380

Please use the CONTACT form
(stops spam) for help/book a job/enquiries etc.

We do NOT offer "Contracts" as we feel they are more about the money than the service... After 42 years in the Industry, have seen way too much of the "Dark Side".

Something to address the high cost of repairs and the somewhat less than stellar longevity of Electronic Paraphenalia.

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In best sleazy IT sales type fashion...
Until End August 2015, a one hour "Tune and Test" of your PC will be reduced to $50.
This is a full hour of work, (Normally $99), designed to get rid of junk files, check air flow in your case, patches, fans ,etc.
NO, it won't get "Left in Bits" as a con for more lucrative results!.
IF I find any issues that are beyond the scope of this sort of work, then I advise and await your decision (even the decision is "Do Nothing".)

Open to Home and Business Clients.
Must be booked Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 6PM.

Only customers in the ACT and Murrumbateman to Yass area.

Its a genuine reduced price offer, to restart the work requests and rebuild the business after "Mr Fluffy" and the depradations of the liars in the ACT Govt.

Use the CONTACT form, email or phone.

I have added a Button below, to allow "reviews" to be posted to WOMO (Word of Mouth Online).
This is an independent site which lists comments, opinions, reviews etc of Small Buusiness - helps as mainstream marketing is ludicrously expensive...

I often get asked about UPGRADING an existing PC.

The Client/Prospect sometimes becomes disgruntled, when I say it will mean new Motherboard PLUS CPU at a minimum. (Intel have YET ANOTHER Socket size coming...)

New Video Card: Need to check power draw - may mean new PSU (power supply).

We now have a new Memory (RAM) standard: DDR4, this means all of the above PLUS, new RAM as well.

If you have a Micro ATX case (mini tower) then some items just won't fit - and you are restricted to the M-ATX motherboards.

Clients have usually been told by some sales type that "upgrading in 12 months is a snap" or weasel words to that effect; What the heck - he has the sale - no further effort required.

The very observant of you will notice the new domicile...
Mr Fluffy et al meant an unplanned move - to the serene surrounds of rural Murrumbateman.

I am approximately 30 minutes from the CBD (and Hackett...) so hardly that distant.

Remember, we are also Apple conversant, supporting Apple clients since 1994.

So, if you need help with repair, installation, setup or design of your systems, we would be happy to assist.
(No, I don't fix iPads and iPhones - but I can show you how to use your iPad to control your PC..)

The Apple Centre in Civic is the place to try everything out... as I don't sell Apple hardware.

We also offer remote management and trouble shooting, but what many will not tell you, if the internet is down or the system won't boot, tad hard to login...